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Today's Games
9:00 PM - Axeman v Killer Bees
9:15 PM - Michael Scott Paper Company v Bears
9:55 PM - Y.U. Savs v Dirty Birds
10:10 PM - Village Idiots x Two Amigos v The North
10:50 PM - iBeast v Sugar Canes

Central Tech Stadium - Men's Touch Football Winter
Friday Men's Soccer - Championship Division
Friday Men's Soccer - League One Division
Friday Men's Soccer - Premier Division
Monday Co-Ed Soccer - Ibrahimovic Division
Monday Co-Ed Soccer - Joao Felix Division
Monday Women's Soccer - Rapinoe Division
MSFL - Tuesday Men's Flag Football - Comp.
MSFL - Tuesday Men's Flag Football - Inter.
Sunday Men's Open - Firmino Division
Sunday Men's Open - Lewandowski Division
Sunday Men's Open - Mbappe Division
Sunday Men's Open - Modric Division
Thursday O35 Men's Soccer - Winter 2020
Wed/Thurs Men's Soccer - Aubameyang Division
Wed/Thurs Men's Soccer - de Bruyne Division
Wed/Thurs Men's Soccer - Lukaku Division
Wed/Thurs Men's Soccer - Neymar Division

COVID-19 Update
3/17/2020 12:45 PM
Please be advised that all leagues and tournaments have been put on pause until April 4th. More detailed updates to follow in the coming days.
Stay Safe!
Stadium Sport Leagues Team